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KBSN608ESS01 Built In Freezer Repeatedly Cycling Too Cold


Sep 21, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi all, I have a two year old side by side built-in, model number above. Four months ago, the fridge became too warm (50's) on multiple occasions. Then I noticed that the freezer was cycling too cold (from 0 to as low as -20s). After many service calls and parts replaced, I am having continued problems described below though temps don't seem to be as extreme. At all times the temps have been set to 37 in the fridge and 0 in the freezer. Most of the time, the ice maker is "off". So this problem has been occurring when the ice maker is off.

Parts replaced (in this order): Thermistor, main control board, user interface control board, damper door assembly and thermistor again, then finally the evaporator fan. Not clear to me that all of these parts needed replacing, but they were replaced.

Twice the service tech put a logger in the two compartments for 24 hours. I don't have copies but the tech described what they showed. The first log showed as above, with the more extreme temperatures. The second log was done recently after all of the above parts had been replaced. The tech said it showed the freezer cycling down to as low as -14 and then going back up to 0 over the course of about an hour. He couldn't recall how frequently this happened.

Current status: the fridge compartment has become more stable. I have not seen temps higher than 43 for awhile and usually it seems to maintain the temp at 37. The freezer is still cycling throughout the day and evening from 0 down to as low as -15 (sometimes its -10, sometimes its -9, but I haven't seen the really low temps for awhile), then it goes back up to 0, then down again. The user interface seems to track this on the temperature display though the display lags and obviously isn't programmed to display anything lower than -10 for the freezer. I have metal thermometers in both compartments to check the actual temperatures. The fridge has never gotten too cold during this whole time.

Recently, one of the freezer lights went out and the rest are dimmed. I assume this is not connected to the above problem?

Is the current freezer's repeat cycling to as low as -15 "normal" behavior? Why would the freezer repeatedly cycle down like this under normal use? Could this be a problem with something in the defrost mechanism? Any thoughts would be appreciated, local service tech and Whirlpool seem to be out of ideas.