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KDFE104HPS0 Kitchenaid Dishwasher not washing


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Apr 3, 2022
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I know there are a lot for threads on this but can't find one for my problem. So I'm hoping some of you more knowledgeable people can help me out.
This is Kitchenaid Dishwasher Model# KDFE104HPS0. It has stopped washing, arms not spinning, and not filling with water.

- I tried the trick of filling the tub with water up to the heating element and starting it. All it did was drain but no circulation.
- I checked the water input valve since no water seems to be going in when it is on, and since cheap went ahead and replaced it. This did not seem to make a difference and still no water going into dishwasher when it runs. It sound slike the circulation pump is running but no water to pump.
- Possible it could be the circulation pump, but still doesn't solve issue of no water entering washer.
- My only other thought is the float switch. Maybe?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
You should be getting 120 volts to the float switch AND water inlet valve for the water to fill. Are you getting 120 volts at the float switch when it should be filling?

This is how it works:
When it DOESN'T fill with water, you will need to check for 120 volts at the electrical connector that attaches to the water inlet valve. If your meter DOESN'T read 120 volts when it should be filling, first remove your tub float to make sure there isn't a foreign object underneath it or gunk buildup underneath it.

Here's the float for your model:
Float WPW10195036

When you click the link to the float you will see a video of how to remove it.:)

Looks like they changed how to remove it, now you have to go from underneath and move the float stem out of the channel its in, then it will pull out.

It used to just pull out from the top without doing anything underneath it.:)

If you find nothing underneath it, next check your float switch.

Here's the float switch for your model, when you click the link to it you will see 2 videos, 1 on how to access it, 1 on how to ohm test it:

If you DON'T get 120 volts to the float switch or water inlet valve when it should be filling then your control board is the culprit.

Here's the control board for your model: Cntrl-Elec W11305303
Jake, thanks for the reply and info. I don't have a real way to check the voltage on it.
Water Inlet Valve and Float Switch replaced with new ones. Non-expensive parts and easy enough to do. Float itself moves freely and no buildup or blockages.
Now it's down to whether to spend the money on a control board and hope that is it, or start looking at a new dishwasher, which I was hoping to avoid. But at some point it's not worth the cost compared to buying a new one.
Ok, so it does fill with water fine? If so, then its possibly the circulation(wash) motor.

Here is the wash motor assembly for your model: W11084656 Motor-Pump

I explain how to test it here:
No it does not fill with water at all. Even after new water inlet valve and float switch, no water.
Ok, without a volt meter its difficult to troubleshoot the problem, and replacing parts without testing them gets expensive fast.

So you already replaced the water inlet valve and float switch and float is working fine, then its a control board issue, or you have a broken OR shorted wire from the control board to the water inlet valve and float switch wire harness.
Hi Jake - Followed these instructions as my Kitchenaid KDTE234GPS0 wasn't even filling with water.

I replaced the circulation pump successfully (I think, picture here). Now I'm getting water but the dishes aren't clean (kind of white, greasy film on them). Any ideas?


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When you start a new cycle and after the water fills the tub, open the door and see how much water is in the tub.

If you see very little water in the tub, Turn the water supply off to the dishwasher underneath your sink, then take off the water line that connects to your water inlet valve and see if your screen is clogged up, thus not letting enough water come in the dishwasher.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
Water Inlet Valve W11175771

There is a video in that part link that shows you how to access the water inlet valve, see the water inlet valve screen in the photo above?
Ok, sounds good.

Glad to help!
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