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KDPE234GPS0 - won't heat or dry


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Mar 14, 2023
Austin, TX
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi there,

I need to run the diagnostic but I recently noticed that the dishwasher doesn't appear to heat the water or dry the dishes. I've read a few of the posts here and thus far, here is where I'm at...

The thermostat seems good, I get resistance tone, and the reading is 0.7
The heater element looks a little rough but I also get resistance tone and the reading is 13.4

I'm going to put the unit back together and run a test but I wanted to get some thoughts? Could it be the card?

odd, I did the diagnostic but didn't see anything. I'm running a normal cycle now and the machine feels warm to the touch, suggesting that the water is heating.
Hi Vince,

You can use your meter on AC volts to check for 120 volts across the two element terminals when it should be heating.

The heater element looks a little rough
If the heating element has pits or rough spots in it, that would cause this issue too.

Here's the heating element for your model:
Heating Element Assembly W10703867
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