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KDPM604KPS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher only 1.5 yrs in and suddenly not filling with water


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Jun 22, 2022
Marietta, GA
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1-5 years
Help a girl out!
My KitchenAid Dishwasher Model KDPM604KPS0 (which I've loved) has already had several problems after only being installed for 1.5 yrs. Most recently it won't fill with water. But based on the diagnostics that I've read on these threads, I'm not sure I trust the appliance technician who was just here.

About 2 months ago the dishwasher began having an electrical-type smell coming from the door vents during the cycles, so I notified Whirlpool and they had someone replace my Control Panel. The new panel has been in for about 60 days and all was fine until the other night. I started a wash cycle and about 30 min later noticed the display lights were all off. Something had tripped the breaker. Went and re-set the breaker and ran the cycle....only to find the next morning that the cycle had run (soap dispenser had opened) but dishes were dirty and not wet. Tried to run several different wash cycles and after an initial motor noise (for about 30 sec) and some very light sounds of water moving through something, when opened (or at the end of the cycle) the inside is still dry (steamy when a cycle was run) and I still have dirty dishes. So it seems that no water is filling the washer at all - the bottom is always dry.

The appliance technician who just left did no testing of voltages or anything - he put a cup in the top to be sure it didn't get any water in it during the beginning of a wash cycle, got on his cell phone, and then just went straight to telling me I need a new water re-circulation pump . He opened up nothing - not even under the dishwasher. He said the intake part of the pump is working, but the outflow is not - and that is why the breaker was tripped.

I'm just skeptical because on all of these forums I keep reading about checking voltages, etc. to various operating parts and none of that was done with the above "diagnosis". I'm really upset because this is an $800 dishwasher that is less than 2 years old, and I'm being told that the recirculation pump is $288 alone.

If I need to get a different technician out, what should I ask beforehand to be sure they fully diagnose the issue - or would any of you agree with the above assessment about the re-cirulation pump?

Much thanks - my refrigerator freezer decided to die the same day, so I'm in a financial bind with two major appliances to be replaced if the dishwasher fix is going to be as expensive as I was told!

Added complete model number
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Hi, Your missing the last digit of your model number. Read it from the tag on the machine, which is located inside the door on the tub frame.

Here's the results I get:

Start a new cycle and listen for it to fill, some models fill extremely quiet. If and after it fills open the door and see how much water is in the bottom of the tub.

Hi Jake-
The last digit is a 0….oops.
It doesn’t fill with water at all. Bottom of the tub is completely dry regardless of the cycle I try. Thank for your response-I appreciate your help!

Ok, then yes the tech should of tested for voltage at the water inlet valve. I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below. You can go into the diagnostics and check to see what error code you get.

Error Code History Display
--->Most recently detected error code is displayed first.
--->Press 3rd key to advance to next error code stored. 3 tones are played when the end of the error code history has been reached.



  • tech-sheet-w11366142-revc.pdf
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This sheet is perfect - I didn't get that when the dishwasher was installed.

So I followed the steps to activate the diagnostic mode, and they worked! The dishwasher went through it's "check", I guess, and the numbers 1-7 scrolled on my display as it cycled through various modes. Then very quickly some lights flashed and the display all went dark. It didn't display any error code. I tried to press key 3 (to advance to the next error code, if there were any) and it thought I wanted to begin that key's particular wash cycle.

At this point, still a conundrum. But the good news is that Whirlpool just agreed to send their service partner out and cover the repair since the age of the dishwasher is only 18mos. I'll be sure the technician tests the voltage at the water inlet valve (which I wouldn't have known about if it hadn't been for you, so thank you!)

Funny that this AND our refrigerator have died within 2 days of each other. Well, not really funny. Thank you for your help. I don't want to waste anyone's time since they're going to try and take care of it, but if you have any further insight that might help another Forum reader along the way please share. I'll post the final outcome in a few weeks once maybe it's working again!
Sounds good, yes let us know how it goes.:)


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