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KDTM354DSS4 KitchenAid Dishwasher control panel dead

Fred A

Premium Member
Dec 5, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
No previous sign of trouble. Yesterday the control panel would not respond. No light at all. Pressing control lock button for 3 s did not trigger any sign of life. Switched off breaker for dishwasher for 10 min. No change. Removed door panel and measured volt into the main control board. 123 V. With door open I unplugged power into main board and disconnected both the harness and power cable from main board to control panel. Plugged back in main power, leaving control panel cables out and waited 10s and closed door. No sound except a very faint buzzing from the main board that you can hear if you put your ear 2 inches from it. But no drain pump starting up for sure.

The buzz sounds from the main board went away after I plugged back the control cable harness and power, into the main board. I also removed latch to see I could check it in some way but I could not figure out how so put it back in.
I assembled the dishwasher and pushed it back under counter. About 60 min after that it started ”klicking”. Sound came from the door it seemed. I opened door and sound stopped. Close door and it started again.

Switched off breaker and switch back on, clicking resumed. Tried pressing on control panel to see if I could get any response but nothing. However the clicking sound stopped while I was messing with control panel and dishwasher has been quiet for an hour now. Confusing.

Not sure what to do next? Should I order a new main board? Or is there something else I can check? Any advise would be much appreciated!