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KEBC278KSS02 - Thermal fuse temperature rating


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Jun 1, 2020
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I have a Kitchen Aid KEBC278KSS02 double wall oven. We've had issues with the thermal fuse blowing 3 times in short order. Each time we've called a tech out and he's replaced the fuse. I believe he is installing the wrong temperature rated fuse but have been unable to find a repair manual that states the needed temperature range. The installed and currently blown thermal fuse is 77C. From what I've read on this forum the 77C fuse is for the single oven and the double oven requires a 93-100C fuse based on looking at the manuals for other ovens. Does anyone know the actual rating or have access to the technicians manual? Any help would be appreciated.
The thermal fuse on the back of the oven is WP9759242.

Its rated at 266 degrees fahrenheit.

Thanks for your reply Jake. I should have been more specific in my question. There are 3 thermal fuses in the unit. 1 in each oven and 1 behind the control panel. The fuse that keeps blowing is behind the control panel which connects P-19-1 (BK) to L1 (BK). It is an inline fuse similar to WPW10545255.
Here is the tech sheet if needed.


  • KEBC278KSS02 Tech Sheet - 8302066.pdf
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  • Service Pointer - 4317445 - Rev B (Oven Does Not Operate After Self-Clean).pdf
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Thanks @bigbuck . The service pointer is definitely interesting as that may have been the root cause of this originally. Unfortunately the Tech Sheet does not show the cutoff temp of the control panel thermal fuse. I referenced some other tech sheets you provided for other models which is how I determined that 77C seems to be for a single wall oven and 93-100C is for a double oven. I'm just having trouble finding the temperature that I should be using for my model. I am quite certain that 77C is not enough which is why my fuse blows as soon as we cook at 400F after getting it repaired. -
Is there a rough standard for fuse temperatures that I could safely use if I can't find the exact part# /temp?
Thanks bigbuck!

You know what's weird? The parts list does not even show the thermal fuse in the console.

I'm attaching the parts list for your model below.

You will need the tech to come back to your house and ask him to call the factory tech. line and see which thermal fuse it takes.

All authorized Whirlpool/KitchenAid techs have that factory techline phone number.



  • parts-list-KEBC278KSS02.pdf
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Ok, sounds good.

Let us know what he says if you can please.:)

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