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KEBS207SSS04 Kitchen-Aid Double oven, top oven bake does not heat over 200


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Jan 5, 2022
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6-10 years
I have a kitchen-aid double oven. The top oven when I just select bake does not heat over 200. However when I use convect bake on that oven it heats up appropriately. Bottom oven works ok.
Very strange!

Added complete model number
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KEBS207 is just a partial model number, we need the complete model number, read it from the model number tag on the machine.

Click here: Appliance Parts

Then you will see a link that says: How to find a model number.

Please don't start another thread, just post the complete model number here.



Ok, on the top oven say you set it at 350 does the display keep rising when the top oven is heating and then the display stops at 200 and goes no further up?

Correct. It stops at 200 when heating it up. If I switch to convection it’s heats up to 350. I think it I switch it back to bake once it heated to 350 on convection the display remains at 350 but the actual temperature is lower.
Ok, lets first check your UPPER OVEN hidden bake element.

Here's the service manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzvgAyLTSh14anVOeTlLYTdjV1k/view?usp=sharing

Removal of the UPPER OVEN hidden bake element starts at page 4-18. Make sure you turn the breaker OFF to your double oven at your home breaker box before you access it!

Here's the UPPER OVEN hidden bake element for your model:
Bake Element WPW10207398

--->Some members have reported the terminal connections on that hidden bake element were arching/burnt and causing the intermittent heat problem, if you find that's the case, you will need to order the new hidden bake element and replace it.

Let us know how it goes.


Did this ever get resolved? My parents oven (same model number and age) seems to be experiencing the exact same issues. I was wondering if the hidden baking element was the culprit or something else?

If I end up replacing the coil and it fixes the issue, I will reply back in this thread.


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