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KEBS209BSS00 Double Wall Oven error F3E1 and blower fans


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Mar 11, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
My Kitchenaid double wall oven KEBS209BSS00 is showing an error code F3E1 with text "lower oven temperature sensor". I replaced the lower oven temperature sensor, but the error code remains. Additionally, we suspect that the exhaust blower fan is not operating for the lower oven, because we cannot hear it like we can for the upper oven. It sounds only like an electrical hum. After replacing the sensor, I set the lower oven to bake at 350 and turned it off once it reached that temperature. It seems to me like the lower oven takes a long time to cool down from 350.

My first question is how to clear out the error code. Obviously it didn't clear when I had the breaker turned off during the 10 minutes it took me to replace the temperature sensor.

Secondly, the lower oven blower fan should exhaust at the lower of the oven, correct?

We had the upper blower fan replaced two years ago. I'm thinking the lower fan needs to be replaced now. However, I'm concerned about the error code which will not clear.
Thanks for that information. I was able to clear all of the error codes. I will run a bake on the lower oven and see if a new error code is generated.
Ok, sounds good.:)
Thought I would provide an update. I had a local repair technician visit today, since I could not resolve the problem. We determined there is a second fan for the lower oven, and it is not spinning. Using a flashlight, we could see the lower oven fan, and after poking it with a yardstick, it took off and started spinning.
So, the spec sheets from Kitchenaid are mistaken, there is a separate fan for each oven. He was surprised too!
Was the tech. able to locate the part number for it?
Ok, that's what I was thinking too. Yes, its very odd that the parts diagram does not show that lower fan blower for the lower oven.

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