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Kenmore 106.89593100 stand alone ice maker not making ice

These are hard to deal with so that doesn't surprise me.

You have to get the no drain fixed first. Unfortunately. If the bin is filling with water you have to fix that first. Second you have an issue with probably the wiring harness attached to the water level sensor that's making it default to a fill by time instead of fill till full. That could be a board issue but it's usually a sensor and harness issue. I'd probably take it outside and see if it makes ice with a drain hose running far enough away to not make a mess to see if the machine is capable of making ice before dropping $1000 in parts into it. See what happens and report back.
So I turned it back on just now after being off several weeks and it started up again and went through all the motions. Water was running over evaporator plate, but I checked the temperature of the plate and it was room temperature. Since it seemed to work with a fan in front of it before I hooked up a box fan to the front and it is making ice. Maybe the compressor fan is the main problem. Not sure if it’s out, wiring harness, or motherboard.

Can you point me to how to check that? I have a multimeter but honestly don’t really know how to interpret the readings or where I need to check on the motherboard.
I decided to go ahead and replace the condenser fan/motor and see if that helps as it was the much cheaper option compared to replacing the motherboard. Let me just say it was a major pain to do that. Hats off to you if you do it for a living.

Unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem as even with a new motor/fan the condenser fan is still not turning. I guess it could be a wiring harness issue, motherboard, or something else. Alas, I can’t seem to find anyone to work on it and I’m weary of throwing $400 on a new motherboard for it and it still not work. Does anyone have recommendations for a new ice maker that isn’t plagued by continuous problems that these Kenmore ice makers seem to have?
I always check for 120 volts at the condenser fan motor when it should be running, while the compressor is running. If your meter does not read 120 volts, then check your wire harness first and that's good, then only part left is the control board.

Here's the control board for your model:
Control Board W11034363

Thank you for your reply. I own a multimeter, but I don’t really know how to interpret the results. There is not a way for me to get to the condenser fan motor while the unit is running. The compressor and drain pump take up all the space and I had to remove the drain pump to install the new motor. Would I be able to disconnect the fan motor and check for a certain value at the connector?
Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Ice maker still doesn’t work. So I changed the fan like I said before. I turned on the ice maker and let it sit for awhile. At first it was reading 3V at the connection for the fan. After awhile it started reading 118V so I plugged it back in, but the fan never started moving. So I’m assuming it’s getting appropriate power, but the old fan and this brand new one aren’t working. Next steps?
That your condenser fan motor is faulty since you are getting 118 volts to it and its not running.

Here's the condenser fan motor for your model:
Condenser Motor Kit W10124096

That's the only way to test it Kyle. 118 volts to it and its not running=bad.

Your welcome!


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