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Kenmore 110.62952100 won't stay on after releasing on/off button


Aug 15, 2019
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years

Dryer has been running great for years--about 17 of them!--and this past weekend I dried a few loads as usual and then after one load the dryer, when I pushed in the button, ran and then wouldn't stay on after releasing the button. This has happened a few times before and I reset the circuit breaker (it's an 220 electric dryer) and then it worked but now it's just not staying on unless I hold in the on/off button.

I replaced the thermal fuse, the thermistor, the on/off button and one of the relays in the panel. Door switch works fine, by the way. Still doing the same thing after all the replacements.

Not sure if I should replace the two heating element fuses and contemplating getting a new dryer at this point but the thing DOES run so I am wondering if it's worth trying more parts. I am hesitant to call a repair tech and sink even more money into this.

Also, I noticed that the timer dial doesn't move now whether I have power to the dryer or not. I think but am not sure if that's mechanical and should always move as the timer winds down. Not sure about that though.

Any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!



Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi, Unplug your dryer, then look at your control board in the console to check for burned spots on it.

Here's the even heat control board for your model:
Dryness Control Board WPW10116565

Watch this video to get access to it:

If no burnt spots, then if you have a volt meter capable of reading DC and AC voltage you can test the relay.

Plug in and be careful please!!! turn the timer to any run function and press start. You'll see the relay with two pink wires and two blue wires. First, check for approx. 48 Volts DC across those two pink wires. This means you have power coming out of the even heat control board. If you don't have 48 volts dc across the pinks, you have a bad even heat control board.

If you do, proceed by turning the meter to check AC and checking voltage on the blues. one probe on one blue wire and find a green wire attached to cabinet (ground) other probe there. Should read 120 V AC If you do, check the other blue wire in reference to ground, you should read 120 V AC there too.

If you have 120 ac on both blues to ground, that means your relay is closed.

If 120 only on one blue to ground, you have a bad relay. hope this helps.

Here's the motor relay for your model you can order here if needed:
Relay WP3405281