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Kenmore 110.81452710 Stacked Washer/Dryer won't fill, blinks "Time remaining"


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Feb 19, 2023
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hello all!

I have the above mentioned unit, and it will not fill and start. I got it used, so I don't know the exact age of the unit.

Symptom is, after power on, press start (any cycle), it will open the water valve and let a tiny splash of water in, then it will shut the water off, beep, and blink the "Time Remaining" display. No error codes are displayed. You must power off/on before starting again.

I have followed the the tech sheet troubleshooting steps, with no resolution. I can enter "Manual Test Mode" and it will fill hot or cold, spin both directions, drain, etc, no problems.

Any advice much appreciated!

Hi Jim,

That's usually a sign of a faulty control board.

Here's the control board for your model: Control Board W11189137
Hi Jake!

Thanks for the reply. As information, I did order the part, and replace it. The problem was not resolved, the symptoms are exactly the same.

I created a short video of the symptoms... hopefully it comes through.

I'm thinking that there might be a sensor somewhere that is sensing something it doesn't like, and it is telling the brain to halt all operations.
That is very odd, I would need the service manual to help you more in depth. I can't locate the service manual for this model.

It seems like voltage is cutting out to the water inlet valve, or the water inlet valve is failing.

Do you hear the water inlet valve still humming when the water cuts out?
No. It just stops filling and blinks the display. No humming. It does seem to me like the brain is commanding the water to stop for some reason, rather than a faulty valve.

In the tech sheet (attached below), there is a "Manual Test Mode" in which you can manually test all of the various functions; fill cold, fill hot, spin right and left, drain, etc... You can fill and drain the entire tub manually, and perform all the other functions as well, no problems.

I really appreciate your insight. I have also attached the owners manual for your information.


  • techsheet-w11114976-revb.pdf
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  • KenmoreWasherDryerOwnersManual.pdf
    10.1 MB · Views: 28
Yes, that's why It does not make sense, since it fills fine in manual test mode. The new control board should of fix it. It does not say in the service manual what else would cause this.

This is all it says:
Screenshot 2023-03-02 09.48.34.png
Yeah, I saw that, and verified good water connections and clear screens in the inlets. I did try to run a cycle with COLD only, and a cycle with HOT only. Either one does the same thing. Makes no sense to me.
Its best at this point to contact Sears to come out at 1-800-469-4663 to come out to see what's going on.
Man, I gotta admit, that's a bit of a bummer. I do appreciate your time though. Thanks.
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