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FIXED Kenmore 111.73025711 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - refrigerator side will not cool properly


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Oct 5, 2021
Here you can use this service manual:
Thanks for this service manual. It's very helpful.
from the inside? If so, how did you open it? Could you share?
First, I unplugged the fridge.
In order to access the heating element and sensor, I had to remove the freezer door and trays.

This video explains how to remove freezer door

Once that was out of the way, I removed the ice maker. There were 2 screws holding up the front and the rear hooks onto a couple plastic pieces mounted to the top of the freezer. After I removed the front screws, I was able to unplug the ice maker and remove it.

The back panel was held in with 2 screws in each upper corner. I removed the small plastic covers to access the screws. The bottom of panel was tucked in behind the plastic. Once the screws were removed, I gently pulled on the top of the panel to try and get a finger behind it to pull it towards me. I almost pulled too hard and cracked the bottom of the panel. This was the hardest part, because there isn't much room to work.

After I was able to get it loose, I had to disconnect a connector for the fan that is attached to the back of the panel. Again, not much room to get my hand behind it. After the connector was disconnected, I was able to completely remove the panel and see what I was working with.

As you can see from the attached image, it was frozen.


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Nov 30, 2021
I just changed out the heating element, hopefully that will do it.
Appreciate the quick response! So glad I found this forum, you guys helped me save $$$ on my refrigerator issue.

Have a happy be-lated Thanksgiving and God Bless!