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Kenmore 417.42142100 loud noise during final spin...


Oct 3, 2007
Our 5 1/2 yr old kenmore front load washer started make a loud noise this week...after reviewing some of the other post, I opened the front cover to find a broken shock.

I replaced both shocks today and still have the loud noisy during final spin cycle...as others have mentioned it is like an airplane taking off - very very load.

It appears that I'm in need of bearings or replacing the whole tub assembly...

Can anyone give me rough cost for these projects? Do you have a part # for the whole tub assembly?

I'm thinking of doing it myself or should I hire someone?

Here is the part number I came up with #131525500. This is a technical repair. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the easiest, I would rate this repair a 9.
Yes, Rick is correct.

Here's our main thread on this issue:

Can I just replace the bearings and seal?

My Kenmore 417.42142100 is also sounding like a jet.

The main thread referenced by Jake (https://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/threads/fixed-drum-gasket-and-rear-shell-bearings.237/) has directions that only replace the seal.

This makes me think that it might be possible to fix my jet noise by replacing the bearings only instead of the whole rear drum.

Is it possible to replace just the bearings and the seal, or do I need to replace the whole rear drum?

Two more pieces of info that may affect the answer:
- The jet noise has been going on and getting worse for well over a year
- I've already noticed brown spots on some of my white shirts on occasion, but not at all consistently. I'm wondering if those were the grease spots mentioned from other posts

If bearings and seal might do it, where would I get bearings and seals from via the internet?

The only front load washer you can replace just the bearings and seals is Maytag Neptunes, that I'm aware of anyways. It also requires the special tool kit. The bearing installer kit for that model was $425.00. Here is the one you need:
Drum Assembly 131618500
Like many, I have a Sears/Kenmore 417.42142100 that is very loud on the spin cycle.
The suspension feels smooth, the drum does not rattle back and forth at the front. There is no apparent wear on the front gasket. From the back, the spindle moves smoothly by hand. It sounds fine during the wash cycle. But once the spin cycle starts, it becomes noisy. The video soundtrack captured the noise.

What do you think? Clutch? Bearing? Spindle?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Oh - and one other thing...
When I first started troubleshooting this washer, it had recently become noisy, then quit altogether. When I was inspecting the motor control board, the inrush current limiter (black disc labelled NTC 2.5) just fell right off the board. It had a bad solder joint and probably overheated and failed because it was making intermittent contact. I soldered in a new one, and the machine started right up. All good until it got to the spin cycle.


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Take the belt off the motor and tub pulleys and let the motor run by-itself and see if it still makes that noise, if so your motor is the culprit.

Here's the motor for your model, if needed:
Drive Motor 134869400
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