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Kenmore 51650 Upright Freezer Door adjustment


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Jan 3, 2009
Hi guys,
I have an old Kenmore upright freezer - model # 51650A - 107Kwh energy efficient; these are all the numbers I can find for this freezer, checking at the foot plate on the appliance tag it states model # 51650OK type XE0085.
My problem started when this freezer defrosted itself and flooded the room it was in. We found that the door to the freezer wouldn't shut properly, and thought the problem was that it needed a new seal. We ordered a new seal though Sears. I installed the new seal and still the door (which opens to the right) would not close at the bottom left. I then found that the bottom door pin was dangling from the bottom door bracket. I tried pushing this pin up inside the door, but it wasn't going into anything, it would just fall out. So I decided to take the door off and take the inner door "shelving" unit off. I found a device that would accept the door pin, but the bracket holding the device was bent and the device was pushed up further inside the door. I pulled it all out and put the bracket over the device making sure it was clamped in well, then screwed it back in the original place with the three screws, 1 of which had a ground wire, for the external light in the door, attached to it. I replaced the inner "shelf" unit and seal. I then attached the door back onto the fridge with the upper door bracket and layed down the freezer to allow me to push the bottom door pin back into the door "Hinge/pin" receptable device I restored. I had to use a hammer to get the pin to this receptable. I pulled up the freezer and I still have the same problem, there is a gap at the bottom left, but, I found that if i kick at the bottom right at the door hinge/pin, the door seals properly all aound.
My question is, is there an adjustment once this pin, which is winged (or has 2 splines running most of the was up it 2 sides as a guide), is placed into the accepting receptable in the door to tighten it in place, so that I do not have to kick it everytime I close the door?

Hopefully I've explained my problem OK.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi Mjuggle,

I can't locate that model# anywhere to look at the parts diagram to see what you need.

How old is this freezer?

Its sounds to me that you'll need to shim the door up/out about a 1/2 an inch or so, then it should close properly.

They make hinge shims to match yours, but without a parts diagram I can't point you to the exact one for your model.

You should have a appliance parts store in your area that can match it up for you if you take the hinge to them.

You'll also need a washer to put on your hinge pin to raise the door abit.

Thanks Jake,
we inherited this freezer from the previous owners of the house, we've been in here for 15 years and it was an older freezer then, I'm estimating that it's 25+ years old. It has been working fantastically for all these years. I will apply your suggestions and let you know how it goes.
Ok, sounds good Mjuggle.:)


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