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kenmore 600 series clutch replacement, transmission fluid?


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Oct 15, 2015
San antonio
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Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
The clutch burned up on the kenmore 600 series washer. Im currently replacing it as it wont spin and the motor simply spins. I had turned it up on the side as in the photos and some black fluid had leaked out of the vent tube but from the youtube videos all the clutch replacements are done this way. Is there going to be enough fluid in the transmission gear case ive seen people use a syrine and add oil stabilizer thru the vent hole. Im waiting for the amazon clutch, coupler and dog agitators to arrive. The dog agit retaining ring has a side thats clipped in do you just pry it off to replace to dog agits or will this break the retaining ring and do i need to add fluid if done this way to the transmission case? Heres photos of how i removed it and the dog agit retaining clip that has a ] tucked into one side.

image000002 (1).jpg
image000001 (1).jpg
image000000 (1).jpg
dogagitators (1).jpg

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