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Kenmore 6011 garbage disposal - Indeterminate Problem


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Nov 23, 2018
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore 6011 garbage disposal that has a few problems. It's ~20 years old, and so an easy and sensible fix for me is just to replace it, but I don't want to have to fuss with the drain pipes.

==> Is there another unit that I can just drop right in without having to change the plumbing? If so, how to find out which? I just chatted with someone or something at Sears that told me that the Whirlpool GC100XE would do just that.

The problems with the Kenmore are:
-- Water is leaking from the bottom of the unit;
-- Although the grinder spins freely, when I turn the motor on, it makes the most momentary action, and immediately trips the GFP circuit that's powering it. The reset button on the bottom of the unit does not pop out;
-- finally, just before the GFP trips, the disposal pumps out a bunch of dirty water into the adjacent sink basin.

I believe that's correct, but I see another model that should be a drop-in replacement as well:

The Whirlpool WPGC2000XEA (W11316362) is a 1/2 hp model: https://www.searspartsdirect.com/product/ydfpcctt75-0042-042/id-wpgc2000xea

The Whirlpool GC1000XEA is a 1/3 hp model, which Sears suggested: https://www.searspartsdirect.com/product/4f0wmyxebb-0011-665/id-gc1000xea

They both look the same, even though the 1/3 hp model is missing a picture. The hp of your Kenmore isn't listed in the parts listing, but I think it's a 1/2hp. If so, it should be identical to the first one I listed other than the color.
I hope pricing is not taboo here. Sear's best offer was ~$160+, although that was the 1/2 HP model. I bought a Whirlpool 1/3 HP drop-in replacement through a regional supplier's Web site for a little over $60. (Incidentally, the same place I bought the KitchenAid years before.) My wife picked it up, and it was waiting for me to install when I got home from work around 7PM, Saturday night (10 hrs. on the clock). And isn't just amazing how much crap accumulates under the kitchen sink? I think the 1/3 HP will do just fine. We don't usually wash dishes in the side that has the disposal.
It's not taboo. That seems like a good price considering Whirlpool's own website lists the 1/3 at $150+!

And isn't just amazing how much crap accumulates under the kitchen sink?
Yeah, I found that out myself when I recently replaced our old Magic Chef disposal with that Whirlpool 1/2 hp from Sears. I also found some built up gunk in the PVC pipe. The disposal been good so far, so hopefully your 1/3 doesn't have any problems. I think the main difference is that the 1/3 hp might jam more easily than the 1/2 hp, but I think it should be okay.
Accumulation--I was actually referring to: carpet cleaning solutions (four sorts), bottles of brass , silver, and stainless steel polish, scouring pads of plastic, stainless steel and copper, rolls of plastic garbage bags in every conceivable size, an assortment of dog shampoos and flea/tick sprays; muti-surface/multi-purpose cleaning sprays--too many to count, and the miscellany of other things that end up stored under the kitchen sink, I can't remember now. The pipes get pretty nasty, too.

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