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Kenmore 790.73232311 oven not working


Jan 25, 2023
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Stovetop works great. Gas releases and igniter ignites the gas.
The oven, however, is another story as of dinnertime tonight.
The over stopped working entirely.. the igniter is not glowing and, even though I turned it on, there is no gas smell coming from oven and I even put a burning piece of paper in right by the igniter (figuring it would ignite gas if it was being released, but nothing happened.
Does the igniter control the gas flow also ?
If not, any clue on this issue ?
Does the igniter control the gas flow also ?

NO ignitor = NO oven, period. It is a safety design.

These links are pertinent to your message. They were supplied by this message author. Please view them.

LINK > Understanding Gas Oven Ignition Systems

If the ignitor is not glowing at all when the oven is turned on, the ignitor and gas valve first need to be tested for continuity.

LINK > Appliance411 FAQ: How do I test for continuity?

LINK > 790.73232311 Oven Ignitor
(with repair video)

LINK > 790.73232311 Oven Gas Valve (with repair video)

If those both check out Ok, there is either a problem with the electronic control (most likely) or the wiring to the ignitor and gas valve has a break (very rare).

LINK > 790.73232311 Electronic Control (with repair video)

Dan O.

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