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Kenmore 970 - control board?


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Jun 3, 2023
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hi everyone.

I have a six year old Kenmore elite electric oven that I purchased in Canada. The model is 970 (not 790). The bake element no longer reaches the desired temperature.

I took apart the oven and tested various parts and everything seems to come back to the control board, probably the relay. The temperature sensor, broil element, bake element convection fan and power source are all operational with proper ohm reading. The wiring is all intact. I took apart the control board and see no burnt spots making me think it’s a relay.

I realize Kenmore Canada no longer exists, and parts are very difficult to come by. I tried contacting fridgeaire but they were no help.

My control board is part 316650011 but the closest one I can find, which is surprisingly on Amazon, is part 316650010. They look exactly the same but the last digit on the part number is different. Is there an actual difference? From the description it appears so but I can’t tell.

Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Those are 2 different parts. If they were compatible the manufacturer would usually substitute one to the other. They don't. I have no idea what the actual difference between them is.

If the control is malfunctioning but NLA the original may be able to be rebuilt.

LINK > Appliance411 Links: Control Remanufacturers

Dan O.

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