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Kenmore Air Purifier problem


Mar 23, 2020
Model Number
d42 m32957
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I'm not sure that this is the right area for this, but it is kind of similar, so, sorry if I should have put it somewhere else.

I bought a Kenmore air purifier, model # d42 m32957, second hand about a year ago. It worked fine for a little while, and then stopped. Being passably mechanically inclined, I simply opened up the back, took it apart and cleaned it out (There was a LOT of built up hair and fibres around the spindle, which is what, I assume, was stopping it.) The motor runs fine now, but the plastic fan (one of the round vent type ones,) which was held on with nothing more than a clamp around the center section that tightened it around the metal spindle, now moves backward or forward with the motor's vibrations and inevitably hits the purifier's casing. I have tried one of those 'glue everything' glues, but it has not helped. I would really like to get this working properly again, as I bought two years worth of filters (to get the discount) at a ridiculous cost, just before it stopped working, and now all that money has been wasted otherwise.