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Kenmore bottom mount fridge model 596.69953011 defrost issues


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Nov 27, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years

I'm noticing that every 2-3 months, the following issues show up:
- Evaporator fins get ice build up on them (from what I can see without removing the freezer back panel).
- Condenser fan at the back of the fridge runs continuously.

Things I have done:
- clean the condenser coils regularly as much as I can, since they're at the bottom of the fridge so some sections are not reachable to be cleaned.
- checked door seals, no cracks/rips, seal is OK.

The temps in the fresh food and freezer compartments is OK in this latest cycle of these issues that started on Monday this week. However, if I leave it as-is, it will probably lead to the fresh food compartment getting warm due to the ice build up on the evap coils. I have to manually defrost the fridge to get rid of the ice. After the manual defrost, the fridge runs OK until the next cycle of these issues happens again.

- How can I force a defrost cycle in the fridge? I didn't find any tech sheet tucked behind the front grille or in the back of the fridge. I have tried the press light switch rapidly 5 times, freezer temp off/on 3x then off, and holding the FF temp + and - for 5 seconds. None did the trick.
- Are there any methods to test any components that may be causing these issues?

Please let me know. Thanks.
- How can I force a defrost cycle in the fridge?
I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Forced Defrost Mode: The forced defrost function is performed using the refrigerator display and keypad. Enter the Forced Defrost Mode by performing the following sequence of events:
1. Hold the refrigerator door light switch closed.
2. Press the Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- keypad 3 times consecutively. Note: The 3 keystrokes must be consecutive and within 10 seconds.
3. Release the refrigerator door light switch.
4. The control will display F- d to confirm entry into the Forced Defrost Mode.
5. Entry is confirmed by pressing the Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- key once more. The unit is off and in the Defrost Mode. Note: All control functions will be turned off (Compressor, Defrost, Evaporator Fan, the damper will remain in its current position).
6. The control will default to the short run period test. Note: You can toggle between the S Short and L Long test mode by pressing the Refrigerator Temperature UP /+ Key. Long Test mode is used for factory test and should not be used in the field.
7. Once the desired mode is displayed, confirm the forced defrost by pressing the Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- Key once. The defrost will begin immediately and the display will return to a normal operating display with set point values.
8. Close the Refrigerator door(s). You are in the defrost mode.
Note: Forced Defrost mode can be exited at any time prior to step 7 by closing the Refrigerator Door(s).

Let us know if the defrost heater comes on, you should feel warmth from the bottom of the evaporator coil.


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Thanks a lot for the tech sheet Jake, it's much appreciated!

I have followed the "forced defrost" steps on my fridge. After doing the step #7 above, everything went silent. Then I closed the fridge door. I opened the freezer drawer to check the warmth from the defrost heater but couldn't feel much, so I just closed it and and waited for about 20-25 minutes. Then I opened the freezer drawer again to look at the evaporator coil fins. The ice has melted and I can see the bare metal, so looks like the defrost heater did it's job. As well, the regular operation has resumed - the evaporator fan and the condenser fan have turned on. I am not sure if the issues are fixed or they will come back? I would like to understand what may be causing these issues? Any thoughts?

Thanks again.
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That's good to know that it's a simple fix. I'll be ordering it shortly. And noted to do a forced defrost using the current control board before installing the new board. I'll post the after install results. Thanks again Jake. (y)
Ok, let us know how it goes.:)

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