Kenmore by LG 2015 Reliability Award vs My Reality 795.51833.412 NEVER AGAIN review 795


Jul 20, 2021
Lehigh Acres Florida
I purchased a 795 model due to the reliability reward in 2015, later to learn that my now dead over $2,500.00 Refrigerator was already in multiple class action lawsuits about the compressor. After reading multiple settlements I have also learned that they have 7 days to Replace the faulty Compressor or Replace the Entire Unit at no cost to me. I am on day 6 and have not received even a phone call. I am almost 60 years old and cannot do the work myself. We have lost at least $500 in food and are spending $50.00 plus per day to eat... my appontment is still six days out. I have put together a comprehensive folder of legal class actions against Kenmore on the 795's and have decided that if I still have no fridge after the July 21, 2021 I will sue for the cost of the unit, and the over $7,500 in matchin appliances and my costs associated with the 3 that have already died. I even paid a tech to confirm what I already knew. Bad Compressor.

I want it clear to all that see this... KENMORE is JUNK. These LG made 795's were known to be faulty when it was sold to me. With a much better than average 20 year lifespan advertised and bragged about in a 2015 award, a 2014 through 2019 Womens Choice Award...

Please leave this so people see the truth here... I will update this with my final cost from Sears Home Service, and other outcomes.