Kenmore Canada Dishwasher 630.13912011 hose routing and running issue


Mar 14, 2019
Prince Edward Island
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
I have a Kenmore (Bosch Canada) 630-1391 dishwasher that I removed from a cottage a last year, at the time it quit pumping water and was acting up a bit. (Randomly not turning the lower blade). It was in too good a shape to toss so I stored it.

I wanted to start using it again in another property and I replaced the water solenoid thinking that was the problem. It does pump now and randomly will start up and do a load, but very unreliable, other times it starts up and sounds like it is purging the pump or something then shuts down with the light showing completed. (other times, running tests, it will run through the test load no problem. (I pushed on the float valve a few times and a minute later it did a load, that may be part of the problem? - bad sensor?)

Another thing that eludes me is the hose routing, I salvaged the hose off this one before and having some issues trying to figure out the hose routing (other end goes to the pump). It looks like this hose should go into this opening, but that is where you can see fresh water going into it when filling. I left this off and took the drain hose from the pump (that looks like it routes up into this hole). and it drains fine. But unsure about mounting it in place if I am missing something. (I just have it sitting in front of the counter hole right now).

Any suggestions on what else to check or the hose routing?

dishwasher-side.jpg dishwasher-bottom.jpg