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Kenmore Coldspot 106.6422110 overload/relay replacement


Aug 24, 2022
Lincoln NE
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore Coldspot 601.6422110 freezer that stopped working. It clicks every few minutes but does not start cooling. The compressor is warm to the touch. I think it is the overload/relay that needs replacing, but I cannot find a replacement part. Is there an alternative? Picture of the overload/relay included. TIA.


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It is unlikely you will find the exact replacement. Someone will have to install a universal replacement like this one:

LINK > Universal Compressor Relay/Overload Asm

While it does come with installation instructions, someone should confirm the compressor terminals as they are not all the same, especially on older compressors.

compressor_terminal_diagram.jpg compressor_terminal_identification.png

Make a diagram and then measure the resistance between each of the 3 compressor terminals. Write down the results.

Between the Run and Start compressor terminals will have the highest resistance. The other terminal will be the Common terminal. (Write it down.)
Measure between the common and each of the other terminals. The next highest resistance will be between the common and Start terminal. (Write it down.)
Between the common and Run winding will have the least resistance. (Write it down.)

PS. The overload protector is most often (but not always) connected to the Common compressor terminal so its mounting might help to confirm your results.

Also, test between each compressor terminal and a bare ground on the compressor body. There should be infinite resistance. ANY resistance to ground indicates a bad compressor. If you get infinite between any 2 of the compressor terminals, it indicates a bad compressor as well.

You can then use the instructions included with the relay/overload package to wire it to your compressor.

Dan O.
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