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Kenmore ColdSpot 106.74203402 top freezer Compressor not working


Mar 16, 2023
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore ColdSpot 106.74203402 top freezer that no longer cools.
Fans in freezer and by compressor are working, but the compressor does not kick on.
We've unplugged it overnight and have completely defrosted it, and vacuumed the coils underneath which were, admittedly, covered in dust and dog hair. However, that simple fix did not seem to work.
Any suggestions?
Hi, pull the refrigerator out from the wall, then unplug it, then remove the lower rear access panel and then remove the wires from the compressor start relay device, take a photo of where the wires go first, so you don't forget.

Then once you have it removed from the side of the compressor shack it and see if it rattles and little pieces inside of it start falling out, if so that's your bad part.

You can also ohm test it, normal would be between 3 and 26 ohms:
(click to enlarge)
Compressor Testing 2 (1).jpg

Here's the compressor start device relay for your model:
Start Device W11285096

Let us know what you find.
This video gives you the general idea of how to access it:


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