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FIXED Kenmore Dishwasher 665.12773K310 Mid wash cycle hang up


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Dec 26, 2016
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Recently this dishwasher hangs up in wash mode regardless of which wash cycle we run. Otherwise it was working great until this happened. Looking for suggestions on what the most likely cause is so I can troubleshoot and replace the problem component.


Hang up? Meaning it runs forever and doesn't advance on through the cycle?

Have you tried other cycles? Are any lights flashing on the control panel when it stops mid cycle? Or any lights flashing at all?

I did locate another thread from Tom, with this same issue, starts at post #12: FIXED Kenmore elite 665.12783K311 dishwasher stops mid cycle and flashes w/three bars on display

His model is almost identical to your model too.

Get into the diagnostics by pressing the three keys 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3, then close the door. Then write down the error code it gives you.

bigbuck posted the tech. data sheet in post #17, you can download it.

A new DW Control Panel (keyboard) fixed Tom's Kenmore 665.

Here's the DW Control Panel (keyboard) for your model by color below:

Black: WPW10457027 Panel-Cntl

White: WPW10457028 Panel-Cntl

Hang up

Jake thanks for the response,
Yes by hang up I mean it stays stuck in the wash cycle indefinitely, like over night a few times! The error code is 6-2 so I'll have to troubleshoot the float valve based on your Tech Sheet which I really appreciate you attaching to the associated link. There is

Yes Lambo, same error code 6-2 as Tom had in that thread, do everything Rick mentions to do, also do what the tech data sheet says to do for 6-2 error code.

Let us know what you find.

My bad yesterday...multitasking with grandkids! My error code is 6 - 4, not 6 - 2. There is always water in the unit regardless of which mode it is in and the float moves freely, but I do not feel any click in the microswitch. This morning I plan on testing the float switch for continuity which I suspect to be the problem.

Actually the micro switch reads 0.0 on a 2000 ohm scale and 0.4 on a 200 ohm scale.
That's good then.

When you move the float up and down you should hear a clicking sound from that float switch, also remove the float and look underneath it for something jammed/stuck underneath it, that will also cause this error code.

6-4 Also says to check the drain hose to make sure you have a high loop in it.

You need to make sure your dishwasher drain hose has a loop in it before it connects to the garbage disposal or under the sink plumbing, or it will cause dirty water to back flow into your dishwasher OR siphon water out while its filling.

You can see how it has to loop in Fig 1, Fig 1a, Fig 2 here: http://www.applianceaid.com/drain_wash.html#drain

Is it filling with water all the time when it should be filling? How high does the water come up in the tub?

Error 6-4 also says: Too many suds

1. Allow unit to fill and wash for 1 minute. Open door and check for excessive sudsing.
2. Instruct customer if using improper dishwasher detergent (hand detergent).
3. Disconnect power and replace dispenser if see excessive rinse aid leakage.

I reinstalled the float switch assembly and removed the float to make sure it was clear and traveling freely. I did not find debris but could definitely feel the click of the micro-switch after reassembly. I also found the drain line did not have a loop in it, so I added one. I ran the unit on 1 hour clean mode without any of the "finish" detergent tablets we have used for years and it ran successfully...GREEN LIGHT! I told my wife to stack it as usual and we'll see if it continues to run completely on other cycles.

Thanks you for your great coaching, hopefully you saved me the cost of buying my wife another dishwasher... $$$$$

Excellent Lambo, that sounds like your back in business, fingers crossed.:)

I use Cascade Complete Pods and never have any suds to speak of.

Also I recommend my customers to run Citric Acid through the dishwasher(WITHOUT DISHES) about twice a year. It clears out all the detergent residue buildup that occurs overtime.

The part number is WD35X151 Citric Acid Kit.

Jake how do I enter the 123 123 123 on my Kenmore 665.12773K310 dishwasher to get error codes? How do I get to bigbuck's post #17? Thank You, Doug
Hi Doug,

How do I get to bigbuck's post #17?
Here it is:

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