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FIXED Kenmore dishwasher 665.13093N413 F4E3 error code


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May 8, 2023
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
Dishwasher fills up then drains and doesn't run properly. I saw another post saying that it's the motor pump and listed a part. I was wondering if that would be the same part for my dishwasher as the other one was a slightly different model number. Thanks in advance
Hi, Yes error code F4E3 is wash motor not running.

The wash motor should be getting a constant 120 volts to it after the tub fills with water.

Here is the wash motor assembly for your model(Video Included): W11084656 Motor-Pump

You can use the safety pin trick if your meter leads are too big:

safety pin 500x250.jpg

Here's how I do it in this thread, and advise others to do it the same way:
Thank you! We got the part and installed it. We haven't run the dishwasher yet. Do you have to do anything like reset the machine or anything before the first time running it after installing the new part?

No, its plug and play.:)

Let us know how it goes.
Excellent Amy, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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