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FIXED Kenmore Dryer 110.65102310 Timer Issue / Heating Oddities


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Nov 22, 2022
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Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Howdy fellas, I've got an interesting one here:

I have a Kenmore 110.65102310 and it seems like the heating element only ever gets triggered if you set the timer to ~55 minutes, timed dry. Any other settings, less or more, and no dice. Auto sensing side also does not trigger the heating coils. I haven't sat and watched it to confirm whether or not it's simply in that ~55 minute window, or if setting it there causes it to run for a full cycle without issue. Thermal switches, fuse, and so on all check out (as it does heat up under those specific circumstances).

Any thoughts or guidance on this one? I've never seen a situation quite like it before.
I can update to add that the heating coil does in, in fact, only turn on for that brief period around the ~55 min mark, thereafter cold for the rest of the cycle. This to me seems like a timer issue, no?
It shuts off if you either exceed the thermal limit (because the thermostat clicks) or you exit that small 58 - 53 minute window, it seems.
If the heat shuts off after that time consistently, the internal timer cam may be damaged requiring the timer to be replaced.

Dan O.
That's what I reckon. Going to run a few more tests to see what it'll do, but I'm pretty confident it's the timer. The "repairman" I bought it from figured it was the thermostat and replaced that, but that does not seem to be an issue here.
Did some further testing between C-B which should be closed in normal timed cycle (per the schematic included in the machine's control cabinet). It's closed in that ~55m interval, and it also closes when I put some torque on the timer. To test that, I plugged it back in and kept my finger on the timer to provide the torque, and sure enough it starts heating up at any time setting. I'm now 100% positive it's a timer failure.
Timer installed and machine runs like a hot damn. No issues with heating now, and every mode works well. Thanks for the assistance.

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