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Kenmore Dryer 110.73932100 won't stay on except when start button is pressed:


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Dec 1, 2022
New Marshfield, Ohio
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Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
My dryer only runs with the start button pressed. I tested the switch for continuity and it seems OK. I swapped the two identical relay switches in the console and that did not change anything. I also tested both relays and the coil side in each shows resistance so I am assuming neither one is the problem. The drum turns when the button is pressed. I have read enough to know that the control board or a switch in the motor may be problems. The control board does not have any burn marks or other suspicious marks. I would like to know what I can test on these items before I start ordering parts since replacement prices are high for these items. Any other things to check would also be appreciated.
For others following your thread--->Unplug your dryer, then look at your control board in the console to check for burned spots on it.

Here's the even heat control board for your model:
Dryness Control Board WPW10116565

For others following your thread, Watch this video to get access to it:

If no signs of burnt spots on the evenheat control board, then If you have a volt meter capable of reading dc and ac voltage you can test the motor relay.

Plug in and be careful please!!! turn timer to any run function and press start. You'll see the relay with two pink wires and two blue wires. First, check for approx. 48 Volts DC across those two pink wires. This means you have power coming out of the even heat control board. If you don't have 48 volts dc across the pinks, you have a bad even heat control board.

If you do have 48 volts dc across the pinks, proceed by turning the meter to check AC and checking voltage on the blues. one probe on one blue wire and find a green wire attached to cabinet (ground) other probe there. Should read 120 V AC If you do, check the other blue wire in reference to ground, you should read 120 V AC there too.

If you have 120 AC on both blues to ground, that means your relay is closed.

If 120 only on one blue to ground, you have a bad relay. hope this helps.
Thanks for referencing the additional testing and I just performed the pink and blue wire tests. I don't have the 48 volts across the pinks (on either relay because I swapped the relays just to be sure). Is the control panel the only thing it could be because the company that fixes the control boards said I should be sure before I send in the board for repairs since it is a $120 expense?
the company that fixes the control boards said I should be sure before I send in the board for repairs since it is a $120 expense?
That sounds too expensive, with the age of the dryer you may want to consider saving the repair money for a new dryer, as other parts are wearing as well, you see what I mean?

What company is it? If its Upfix.com there is a problem with them: https://www.bbb.org/us/ga/buford/profile/electronic-equipment-repair/upfix-0443-28194161
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