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FIXED Kenmore Dryer 110.7490220 - No heat


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Sep 28, 2011
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Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Gas dryer, it is running fine but there is no heat. I was thinking i should just replace the heating element (ignitor) but i see multiple thermostats in the parts list for this model as well. i'm not sure where to start looking or how to test these parts.


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Update (this is a rental unit). Checked the outside dryer vent and air is flowing. And it is not "no heat" but "some heat, but not enough to dry any clothes". Is there something that would affect the heat output level?
Some heat? When you first turn the dryer on do you hear the gas flame come on and stay on for a couple minutes, then the gas flame go off, then little to no heat for the rest of the cycle?

If that's the case, the problem is the gas coils have gone bad mechanically when that problem happens.

Here's the gas coil kit for your model:
Gas Valve Solenoid 279834

So this is at a rental unit, i'm going to stop over tomorrow (monday) and check it myself. Right now, it sounds like that might be the issue -- the solenoids.. Here is what the tenant said when i asked about this flame:
There is a sound like a flame starting that happens after a minute. I let it run for a bit and felt if the inside was warm-- the only part that was slightly warm was the grate on the back . The rest was cold metal. And the grate was only room temperature.


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On that model you can observe what the burner and ignitor are actually doing by removing the 'peep hole' plug on the front panel and spying on it during operation.

The Appliance Clinic: Gas Dryer Diagnostics


Dan O.
Yes, sounds like gas coils are worn out.

Thanks @Dan O. for adding that too.:)

Looking through the hole on the front, the ignitor heats up, i hear a click. gas does not turn on and the ignitor goes out. So in fact the flame doesn't start for a minute at all.

Does that still sound like the solenoids?
Does that still sound like the solenoids?

Yes, or the whole gas valve but usually just the coils are failing. They're much cheaper!

Dan O.
If you see no flame at all at first start up, I'd ohm test the flame sensor first just to make sure that's good.

Ohm test it with a multimeter. Unplug your dryer first before taking it apart and ohm testing it.

Here's the flame switch(sensor):
Flame Sensor WP338906

I replaced the solenoids and that did it! I figured I would do that before disassembling anything else. I didn't have a convenient access panel so i had to open up the whole thing but it still took only about 20 min. Thanks!
mpickell said:
I didn't have a convenient access panel so i had to open up the whole thing

You're lucky there was a peep hole. On some models it's difficult to get a good observation of the burner when there is no access panel either.

Thanks for the followup.

Dan O.
Glad to hear the new gas coils fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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