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Kenmore Dryer 110.97272100 No Heat

There was no plug on the igniter. Just two wires coming out and no way to tell which way is up. I had to cut the harness off the old one and put the wires into the harness. They have little metal tabs so they can be inserted, but not pulled out. Not sure if I got them installed correctly, can't tell which wire should be up.
I will look up the motor heat switch next, after I check the dumb wires. This is so super annoying, but thank you for your continued advice.
Is there another term for "motor heat switch"? Searching my dryer model number and that term doesn't return anything useful. Do you have a diagram, link or drawing to refer to the motor heat switch?

Motor switch heater circuit?

Temperature Switch?

Centrifugal switch?

Is this video what I am looking for?
Found the switch. Removed the wires from terminals 1 & 2. No continuity initially, but when I push the black wheel in, then I get continuity as expected. I cleaned it out some more as there was some lint or dust stuck around the springs. Then I fired up the dryer again and I saw the igniter glow and get flames. Could some lint have caused the motor to malfunction? Gonna put it all back together and see if it still works.
I think i got it figured out? Not gonna celebrate quite yet though. Testing more…

Could some lint have caused the motor to malfunction?

Yes that is possible.
Glad to see you are getting somewhere with it.

jeff sr.

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