Kenmore Dryer 796.81582410 Moisture Sensor Issues


Mar 5, 2017
North Dakota
I have been having issues with my moisture sensing dry. From day one, this unit has been horrible compared to my old Siemens UltraSense. I routinely have to give up on the sensor and just use time dry. I have cleaned the bars. Which helped for all of 2 weeks. Every time I search about this issue, I see Clean and then don't use dryer sheets. WTF is up with that? Seriously, I am not supposed to use dryer sheets in my dryer? Nonsense. I used fabric softener in my Siemens washer and Fabric Sheets in my Siemens dryer for 11 years. Never ever cleaned the sensor bars, never ever had an issue with the moisture sensing system. You have to use dryer sheets to keep the static at bay even if you are using an in wash softener. Even though this model has a steam feature, it's not really steam. It just re wets the clothes just before cooling, leaving you with wet clothes that you have just spent an hour's worth of electricity...drying. I've given up on that, I really wished I hadn't paid for that useless feature.

I haven't scheduled a service appointment yet, as these days, nobody seems to give a crap about quality. Forget about repairing an item to better than new.

I suppose maybe the reason why this topic isn't more prevalent is that Siemens is the only manufacturer that does a decent job at this, and the majority of appliance owners have the other manufacturers stuff and the other manufacturers all suck at this.

Life is all about trade offs, while the Siemens dryer was awesome with the loads it was given by the matching washer, a burnt smell was present in my clothes after purchasing the KE washer that matches the dryer I am complaining about. The KE washer I bought far and away out performs the Siemens at getting clothes clean. The KE washer also hasn't moved a millimeter since the day I installed it. Where the siemens was all over the place being perfectly plumb and level.

If someone else is out there that believes a moisture sensing dryer should actually dry your clothes with a dryer sheet, please give me some insight on how to get this fixed without calling sears 15 times. The IT guy in me says, LG just calibrated the control board off of perfectly clean bars. When they should have first applied the anti corrosive (you know the oily crap that get's sprayed on all things metal before being shipped by boat), then ran 30 loads with dryer sheets, then finally calibrating the control board to know when a load is perfectly dry.

Another thing that's bass ackwards, you can't even get around the short comings by selecting "More Dry", as selecting more dry shortens the timer instead of lengthening it. LG kind of screwed the pooch on these units if you ask me.

I have also found no way to use the lowest heat setting. You can't adjust the heat on any cycle, you have to find the pre programmed cycle that already has the heat setting you want. And none of them are lowest heat.

I hate beating up on a third party forum like this, but I couldn't find a manufacturer run forum. Granted, a forum isn't going to fix your appliance for you, but it would be nice to have manufacturer run forums where verified manufacturer reps respond and interact with the community. You know the kind of reps that know the product so well....they don't need a script to respond from.


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Aug 14, 2011
I can only speak on my experiences with appliances from an owner's perspective and my own opinions. First, I have been around Kenmore appliances most of my 48 years, including childhood. All appliances have been either Whirlpool of a Whirlpool-built Kenmore. Most have worked reliably and as-designed. Of course, minor issues such as gas dryer ignitors and flame sensors have occurred, simple and relatively inexpensive repairs.

My current dryer is an electric Whirlpool dryer, 5 years old. Only issue is replacing the lamp in the drum. Auto dry feature works flawlessly, with the use of dryer sheets.

My current Whirlpool washer is one of the Cabrio Vertical Modular Washers. It was bought at the same time as the dryer. One issue that occurred was the pulley retaining nut on the gear box loosened. The pulley dropped enough to allow the pulley to rub on the belt guard. I applied a drop of breakable threadlocker to the stub and reinstalled.

My other appliances include a 13-year old Whirlpool-built Kenmore top freezer refrigerator (defrost thermostat failure), 3-year old Whirlpool French door refrigerator WRF736DSAM10(no problems), 3-year old Whirlpool dishwasher WDF310PLAB4(no problems), 2-year old Frigidaire gallery gas stove with convection LGGF3046KFR(no problems). I also have a 13-year old GE over the range microwave that was in the house when I moved in 2013.