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Kenmore dryer beeping randomly


Mar 3, 2014
Model Number
So our Kenmore dryer (mod # 970.C8517200) was randomly beeping while operating as well as when just sitting there. It would also randomly finish its cycle without drying the load. Here's what I found.

1) replaced the thermistor as per common fixes for this problem - no change. Should not have jumped to this without completing the following steps first. My bad.
2) pulled the board out and checked for obvious damage or failure - none found at that time
3) cleaned dryer completly and ran full diagnostic as per the tech sheet - found an anomoly while testing the temp selector knob but all other tests passed including moisture sensor readings
4) removed the board again and took a closer look at the rotary switch for the temp selector. Found a cold solder joint on that as well as the heating element control relay. Resoldered all of those connections.
5) put it all back together but wouldnt run - just beeped 3 times when any button was pushed or selection was made. Irritating to be sure but something was bugging me. I went back this morning and noticed that the "locked" light was on. Had to download the operating instructions to discover that while troubleshooting this problem I had inadvertently locked the dryer modes. Unlocked it and it is now drying its 2nd load problem free.

Score - me (1) - Kenmore dryer (0)


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