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Kenmore Elite 795.72483.411 ice maker not emptying ice tray into bin


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Jun 5, 2023
Olney, Maryland
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Sears Kenmore
1-5 years

My icemaker (Kenmore Elite 795.72483.411) makes ice but will not dump it into the storage bin. I can press the test button and it dumps it and refills the tray with water that then freezes, so all the motors and parts function and I think the temp is ok (ordered a freezer thermometer). I can also dispense ice from the door once the bin has some in it. I have unplugged the fridge to reset the controller and that did not work. Can anyone tell me what part may be at fault here and whether I can fix it without replacing the whole icemaker as the Kenmore troubleshooting recommends?

Thank you!
Yes, I'd first check the temperature with a real temp. thermometer.

This is what the service manual says--->If the icemaker never drop ices to the ice bin though water becomes ice in the ice tray, check the real temperature of compartment. (not temperature on display)
Icemaker needs below 0°F to drop ice to ice bin.
Thank you, Jake. I should get some thermometers Wed and will see if temp is an issue. We had noted that with the freezer set to -4 that ice cream was a bit mushy, although all water bottles and cube trays are frozen solid. If it is a temp issue, the fix for this would likely be compressor maintenance or coolant recharge? I will get back with temps...
You were correct, the issue is likely the temperature. Reading 20-24F overnight in the main bin and 27-31 in the icemaker on the thermometers. I checked the vents in the back and all clear (vacuumed anyway) but there does not appear to be a way to clean the compressor coils in this model. Any other things you would suggest looking at before calling someone out to assess it?

The unit (was purchased by previous owners) is a bit older than I thought, a 2016. Owner's manual says linear compressor has a 10 yr warranty. Not sure if they left us a receipt but if we can find that, I can supposedly get Kenmore out to replace the compressor. But unsure how to prove that is the issue. Thanks!
From your owners manual:
Use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to clean the condenser cover and vents.
Do not remove the panel covering the condenser coil area.

Any other things you would suggest looking at before calling someone out to assess it?
No, sounds like the compressor is the problem. Yes, you can contact Sears to come out at 1-800-469-4663 for the compressor warranty, they go by the serial number.
Thanks, I did clean the vents as indicated recently and again today but no change. I will get in touch with Sears! Thanks again.
Ok, sounds good.
Just an update. Sears came out and confirmed it was the compressor which was still under warranty, but cost ~$750 for 3 other parts and labor. Waited a week and a half for parts after calling back to push them a bit. Technician came and installed it but after a week, no change in temp. Called back, waited another week for next technician who said it was leaking from the previous install and now it is fixed. 4 days later, temp is slightly lower but still no ice and ice cream is mush. Set for -1 lowest temp registered is 12 degrees, no ice dropping. Looks like a 4th appt is in the future.
I have the same frig and experiencing the exact same problem. Have you found a solution as of yet? I replaced the ice maker and still nothing. I will acquire a thermometer and check the actual temp.
I have the same frig and experiencing the exact same problem. Have you found a solution as of yet? I replaced the ice maker and still nothing. I will acquire a thermometer and check the actual temp.
In our case, I could tell the ice maker worked- there is a test button on it that will make it dump the ice. However, as Jake pointed out above, the temp has to get to 0 for it to work properly and dump ice automatically. In theory, a new compressor should fix that problem. As ours was under warranty, Sears Home Services sent one but we paid $732 in other parts and labor. After 2 "repairs", it is a few degrees cooler but the lowest the freezer will go is 14 degrees (set to -1). The last 2 appointments the repair guy has just kept pushing the appt back all day and then at the end of the appt time, rescheduling. I now give up with them, their service is expertly designed to infuriate you at every step, their operators just try to sell you services and will not do anything remotely helpful. We are terminating our business with them and contesting the charges. It is a shame that we will have to landfill this, it was a great fridge, but I cannot keep taking days of work when they do not even bother to show up. They have my money, what motivation do they have.

Sorry for the rant, avoid Sears as much as you can, they have >8000 BBB complaints with similar stories so the company that is running under their name appears to be a giant scam designed to sell useless home warranties. Take the temp and if it is too high, likely fix is a new compressor. You can take you chances with Sears if under warranty or hire someone competent to replace the compressor. In the end it is a cost-value assessment when an entirely new fridge is ~2K and an under warranty compressor is $732 and all of the patience and time you have in the world.
I had the same problem and started this thread:

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And then this thread:

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I called my local appliance repair place and he confirmed (by phone) that it is likely a problem with the sealed system. He said he can make repairs to sealed systems but he rarely does anymore, it just isn't cost effective unless the refrigerator is relatively new.

I've ordered a new refrigerator.

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