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FIXED Kenmore Elite 795.74023.412 ice maker not working after thawing ice buildup


Aug 22, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
This is a side-by-side water and ice dispenser in the door with a bottom freezer made by LG. The ice maker had the typical ice buildup in the ice making compartment from the fill tube overspray (I believe). After taking a hair dryer to thaw it out, I removed the ice maker, clean things up, cleaned the end of the fill tube, and reinstalled. I tried to put it into test mode via the small hole with a paper clip, but nothing happened. Now after several days, the ice maker still does not fill with water.

The water dispenser in the door functions properly, so I am getting water. I removed and reinstalled the ice maker again just to make sure the yellow connector was properly connected. Everything but the ice maker seems to be functioning OK. My concern is I had a lot of ice melting and may have dripped water inside the door onto some other electrical components (remember, everything was working OK before the thaw). Yesterday afternoon I did remove the external water/ice dispenser cover on the door (after finally, very carefully, prying the only the bottom of the cover with a stiff putty knife and thin screwdriver) and removed the PCB attached to it. I did not see anything concerning and put it back together. Temps in frig and freezer were checked to be 38 and 0 F, but the ice maker compartment is about 20F.

Before sending this post, I thought I would check the ice maker temp one more time and low and behold I HAD ICE!!!!! The temp was about 13F, but I suspect the real issue was water getting onto a connector/component somewhere on or around the dispenser cover causing a bad connection or logic misfire. Anyway, since I had laid out the story, thought I would go ahead and post for the benefit of others that might have the same issue.

Now I will monitor the fill tube and see if over spray is still causing ice buildup. Many thanks to this forum for getting me on the right track.
Thanks for letting us know.(y)

Now I will monitor the fill tube and see if over spray is still causing ice buildup.
Yes, keep your eye on it for the next several days.


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