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Kenmore Elite 795.74033.411 Many issues at once


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Aug 4, 2020
Edson, Alberta, Canada
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
I am working away from home at the moment so cannot troubleshoot or repair the fridge that is cratering as we are selling the house. My wife is trying to deal with it but it's not her forte. Here's what she saw. Fridge was working fine then suddenly got the ER RF code and the fridge wasn't very cool. I had my son check the evaporator coils because I had to replace my frost sensor last year. Fins were clear. Fan was turning. The fan at the top seemed to be turning as well.

I'm not there, call the repair guy. Repair guy shows up says it's the board or the fan, orders both, comes back a few days later with the parts and installs the expensive board first. $720 thank you. Ta da, things work......for about 30 minutes then the ER RF code returns and replaces the top (refrigerator) fan. $80. thank you. The fridge has now been error code free and plugged in for 12 hours and is still room temp.

I have a hard time believing the board, fan, and compressor have all failed at the same time but I cannot afford to have this guy just keep taking expensive stabs in the dark and I'm not there. Any suggestions? My family has now been without a fridge for about 10 days.


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Legitimate appliance repair techs. should always have a warranty on all repairs they do, have the tech. come back and see what's going on. I sure hope you put the repair cost on your credit card so you can dispute the charge since its not fixed, spending that kind of money and the refrigerator still not working is not right and you have grounds to get your money back, at least in the USA you do, I sure hope so in Canada too!