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Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665.12793K310 with F9E4 Error Code


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Mar 23, 2023
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Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hello, I'm a newly registered member. I've found this site to be very helpful in troubleshooting my dishwasher issue but the fix still eludes me. My Kenmore Elite 665.12793K310 has the previously discussed not cleaning well and the diagnostics are giving me F9E4 and F10E3 error codes. The dishwasher will complete cycles but is just not cleaning well.

I first disconnected the vent motor connectors as Jake has advised, cleared the error codes but still got the F9E4 and F10E3 codes after running a wash cycle. I next replaced the diverter/LSA drive motor assembly, cleared the codes and ran a wash cycle, still got the same error codes afterward.

I ran a full diagnostic cycle and observed during Interval 10 minute #3 the Clean LED (actually Complete display on this model) came on indicating LSA motor status good but during Interval 10 minute #4 the Complete does not light, indicating a bad LSA sensor.

I also noted after completing the cycle the LSA does not end up at the "Home" position noted in the diagnostics sheet. Looking on line I found Whirlpool P/N W11126005, located one on Ebay and installed it. Same symptoms, F9E4, F10E3 and no Interval 10 minute #4 "good" status. I contacted the Ebay seller who stated the part I purchased W10380483 32600005 is not the same as the original W10380177 32600004 sensor in my machine.

Is this true, online info seems to indicate both P/Ns cross-reference to W11126005? What should my next step be? Is there a way to test the sensors to verify if they are good? Is there another possible problem at this point? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
Hi, I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

F9E4--->Lower Spray Arm Error
F10E3--->Drying Fan Error (on models with fan)

Here's the OEM diverter/LSA motor for your model:
Diverter Motor W10843811

Look here:


  • techsheet-w10543820-revb.pdf
    1,023.1 KB · Views: 28
Hello Jake. As I stated in my first post I already replaced the diverter/LSA motor and disconnected the door vent wires. I also already have the tech sheet you attached and have been working with the diagnostic cycle instructions on it. These indicate the diverter/LSA motor is good and the LSA sensor is bad. However I replaced the sensor and still get the F9E4 code. Do you have any answers to the questions at the end of my first post, i.e. on the LSA sensor part numbering? testing the sensor? any next steps?
Do you have any answers to the questions at the end of my first post, i.e. on the LSA sensor part numbering? testing the sensor? any next steps?
Sorry I don't, I have not worked on this model as of yet. I'm just going by what the tech. data sheet says too.

Hopefully another tech or member that's seen this problem and fixed it can shed some light on this issue.

ALL the OEM part numbers come from the parts diagram--->Parts for Kenmore / Sears 665.12793K310 Dishwasher

We see a lot of problems with appliance parts from eBay and Amazon. I think it's the high volume of aftermarket parts from China.

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