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Kenmore Elite French Door (LG in Disguise) 795.75043.610 Ice Maker not working properly


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Apr 18, 2021
Wake Forest, NC
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
So looking for some advice before my Sears Kenmore Elite French Door, counter depth refrigerator gets relegated to the garage to become the new beer fridge. Purchased new in December 2017. Worked flawlessly until late October 2020 when we began to have a buildup of water in the area of the ice tray/maker inside the small door within the left French door. We have a home warranty company who was called and dispatched a tech. First visit, they diagnosed a clogged dispenser (knew that wasn't it) but I wasn't there to observe. Cleaned it all out, left. Got home that afternoon, dispenser tray frozen in the door again. Came out again, determined that there was a crack in the rigid plastic piping within the actual main door of the left side that was causing a mist of water to enter the icemaker and freeze stuff up. Verdict - Needs new door...Home Warranty Company states, second opinion needed. Sends a second tech, from a different company. Long story, missed appt., shows up late, takes five minutes and says "you need a new door" and leaves. 14 weeks later, new door arrives. The second guy brings it (ugh) and takes over an hour to install it (copious banging with a hammer) to get the hinges right, moves the dispenser assembly over, the icemaker over, leaves. 8 hours later, no ice. Call him back, over the phone he determines that the ice maker must be bad, will order a new one. I decide to read manual and on line test procedure, power off, back on, stick pin in hole in ice maker, motor spins, etc. water comes in, makes a row of ice. Call him back, tell him what I did (seems surprised) and says "in that case it must be the control board, I will order one". A month later, board comes in, shows up, board changed in ten minutes, leaves. No ice. At this point, I call Home Warranty and say I give up, no working ice maker since I reported the problem on 2 November 2020. They agree, send me a check for replacement refrigerator.

Having read all of the above stuff. Let me state a couple of other perhaps meaningful bits of useful (or useless) info. When the first tech came the second time and determined the unit was indeed leaking water because of the cracked plastic pipe in the door, he told my wife ( I turned off the ice maker). This did NOT appear to be by simply pressing the button on the top of the frame that turns the icemaker on and off from the control panel. By "turning it off", water STILL WENT to the water dispenser in the door the entire time we waited for the new door, yet no more ice was made in the icemaker and no more water sprayed into the icemaker from the leaking pipe. Is there something that he could have done to "turn off" the icemaker that simply needs re-enabling?

I have read some messages about LG units that seems to talk about broken wires but at this point the door is new, the control board is new and as off Tuesday, a new icemaker itself will be here. Am I missing something so plainly obvious?

I did ask the first tech if he could remember my unit and of course his answer was, "man that was November"....can't blame him.

Any help much appreciated. I am good with tools, basic test equipment, so am game for most any suggestions. The fact that the icemaker will make ONE round when placed in test mode but will make none after that, seems to be a hint that something, somewhere is not "enabled".

Thanks very much for sticking with the long read.