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FIXED Kenmore Elite HE3T F06 error

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Sep 13, 2006
Central Jersey
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Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I have a three year old Kenmore Elite HE3T washer and I keeping getting the F06 error. My model# is 110.42924200

I read the code book and checked the wiring harness between the Drive motor, MCU and CCU. The diagnostic test works from C01-C08 with no problems. My door lock works fine and my drain pump is clean. It seems I get most of the F06 error code just after Rinse and before the Spin. If I cancel the wash and then hit the Drain/Spin cycle, it sometimes goes through the rest of the wash wihout the F06 error.

I read the few forums that mentioned the F06 error problem and it seems like you need to guess at what parts to replace. MCU, CCU or Motor. I also noticed the Sears Tech's have trouble figuring out what is causing this error.

Beyond the Diagnostic testing, is there any tests I can run with my volt meter to isolate what is causing the F06 error? At arround $150 per part, I hated to install the wrong parts. I did buy the repair manual to make sure I put any new part in correctly.

Any suggestions on what typically goes bad on the HE3t that may be causing the F06 error? If I need to buy several parts to help me troubleshoot, what order should I install them so maybe I can return any unused parts?


Check the wire harness that goes to all your connectors on the Motor, MCU, and CCU. I have seen a loose wire connector do this F06 error.

If all checks ok, then its either a faulty MCU, or faulty drive motor.

Here is the MCU for your model you can order:
Motor Control Board W10756692


I disconnected and reconnected every wiring plug on the Washer and I still get the F06 error code.

I will be ordering the MCU tonight.

I'll let you know, if this fixes the problem.

Ok, let us know if that fixes it.:)

F06 errors corrected -- SIMPLY

I started a "sanitize" load before going to bed. This is a normal thing because of how long the cycle is. I kept hearing beeps and seeing F06. I tried everything I could find on the forums and in my manual. I haven't had issues with my HE3t in literally YEARS. Nothing worked, including turning OFF the washer!

Then I remembered something a technician had said to me when he was on-site correcting an earlier problem about resetting the computer. Unplugging it sometimes corrects the problem. However, it must be unplugged for SEVERAL minutes. Well, I couldn't reach the plug so I flipped the breaker and let it sit for at least five minutes. I flipped the breaker again and my F06 errors are gone and "all's right with my world again". :)

I had forgotten about the washer's memory and that it can take several minutes to "flush" it. I wanted to pass this along in case it's helpful to you. Anything that avoids calling repair, right? We ALL have better things to do with our time!
Thanks for sharing that good information about yours for others to try.


I just replaced the MCU and I thought it was going to fix the problem until I had 3 min left. I then saw the 3 min flash on/off and then after several tries I got the F06 error. I'm going to unplug the unit and try again in the morning. Any other suggestions, since I replaced the CCU and MCU?
Thanks, Billjes. We'll start with the motor. Sounds like the tachometer sensor must be getting flaky. I appreciate you sharing your experience!
Yes, thanks Billjes for updating us on this F06 error, Glad the motor fixed it.:)

New motor

FYI, a new motor seems to have resolved our failure as well. Probably a flaky tachometer. Thanks again for your feedback!
Good job fixing yours too kpaddock, glad its back to normal again.:)

F06 Error

I read many blogs on the F06 error, before I started to troubleshoot my HE3T. My F06 error happened about the same time yours did during the spin cycle.

Here is what I did:
1) Disconnected every cable to the MCU and CCU (one at a time) and reconnected them making sure each connection was good. I heard that could cure the F06 error. This did not fix the F06 error on my machine.

2 ) Replaced the MCU. This did not fix the F06 error on my machine.

3) Replaced the motor that has the tachometer. This did the trick.

I had two other people with HE3T F06 errors that the motor fixed.

Hopes this info helps... Good Luck!
I have a Kenmore Elite HE3, model number 110.45872404 that gives me an F code but with no numbers. Any idea what this is for and where do I start looking for a solution. I really don't want to just call the repair man. Thanks to anyone who can give me some ideas.
sorry, my mistake. My wife just said it has an F code but didn't note what the number was. We are using it today and waiting to see if it does it again so we can see what happens and when. Of course, now that we are watching it, it is working fine.
Figures, when you want it to fail it doesn't.:)

Just keep us posted then when it does.:)

OK, after running several loads it malfunctioned again. It did it during the spin cycle after the wash. It is the F06 code. It seems to do it when there is a heavy load in the washer, like towels, and does it during a spin cycle when it is unbalanced. Would that indicate any particular part to be at fault? Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have.
Check the wire harness that goes to all your connectors on the Motor, MCU, and CCU. I have seen a loose wire connector do this F06 error.

I went back to check others that had the F06 and they either replaced the MCU or the motor and that fixed it.

Now you should have a tech. data sheet inside your washer after you remove the lower front access panel below your door. It should tell you how to ohm the motor. I'd do that second after checking all your connections.

Here's the motor control unit(MCU) for your model:
Motor Control Board W10756692

Here's the motor for your model:
Drive Motor WP8182793

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