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FIXED Kenmore Elite HE3T F06 error

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Ok, sounds good, keep us posted.

Thanks for the help. I checked all of the connections by wiggling them and pulling some of them off and re-installing them. We have done several loads of laundry on separate days and it seems to be working fine. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Ok, sounds good.:)

Jake, help. I pretty much have the same prob as the rest of the folks on here. Start the cycle, generally on handwash ( it will complete the full cycle 40-50% of the time), the washer will generally go all the way till about 5 mins remaining. When it goes to drain the water it kicks it into the F06 code. So then I do a drain and spin, where it either completes the cycle (again 40-50% of the time) or it says 12 and flashes, drains a bit of water, flashes 12 again...then eventually F06. Also I have noticed sometimes the lights on the front panel will blink randomly. I have pulled off the bottom plate and the MCU was out of its mount , from vibration I assume. So I checked all the connections and remounted it properly. I have checked all connections at the MCU,CCU and motor. I also put a meter on the motor and everything seems good... So that being said what part do you think in your expert opinion that I should replace first to cure this F06 problem???

Whats the model# of your washer? Its located inside the door.

The F/06 is:
Drive Motor Tachometer Error
The control is unable to properly detect motor speed and the machine will shut down. If a failure occurs during high-speed spin, the door will be unlocked after 3 minutes.

So if the motor checked fine, then its the MCU thats bad.

Here's the motor control unit(MCU):
Control Board W10756692

Thanks, I will try that. I ran another light load and it went all the way through to 0:01 minutes and then flashed the F06. I tried another load and it only went 2 minutes into the cycle before it stalled.
Yes, most members find after they replace the MCU it fixes it.

I have ordered the new MCU and will see what happens. When the last load I tried last night didn't run I unplugged the machine and when I plugged it in this morning and started it it went all the way through the cycle with no problem. It seems to me that some component is heating up and loosing function. Hopefully the new MCU will fix it. I will post the results.
Yes, I believe the new MCU should resolve this, yes keep us posted.

I ordered the MCU from the link you posted and installed it. We have done over a dozen loads since and no problems so I would say the problem is fixed. Thank you for all the help.
Excellent, glad to hear that.:)

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