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Kenmore Elite HE3t Washing Machine Error Code/Message


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Oct 25, 2018
6 months ago SUDS/F2 error message at the 2 minute mark of the last DRAIN/SPIN Cycle showed up on our Knemore Elite HE3T washing machine
Used a washing machine cleaning product thinking there might be a build up on gunk. This didn’t seem to matter.
All hoses in the machine were removed and cleaned of any debris. The only items found were an under wire from a bra (drum hose) and a small stone caught in the filter. All electrical connectionsm are secure. Drain pump also checked.
We starting using Tide Pods 11 months ago. Change to regular HE Tide about 4 months ago. I felt maybe the Pods were too concentrated and this was producing to many suds.

Most washing loads at the two minute mark will cause the machine to beep and cause the SUDS error.
The process we would employ to get it working again, would be to pull the main electrical plug wait ½ hour or more, plug the cord back in, turn off the machine then press the DRAIN/SPIN Cycle. This process would work most of the time. However, recently at the one minute mark, the machine makes a noise that it should probably be spinning but does not. This continues until the electrical plug is pulled. It would appear that the smaller loads seem to be able to complete all the cycles with no problems, most of the time.
Whilst, I am handy, this washing machine has me stumped. Drain pump is working some of the times. Maybe there is a senor giving it an error message. Need a solution. Any help would be most welcome.


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Aug 24, 2004
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