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Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 106.51183113 Water dispenser drip


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Oct 10, 2022
Los Angeles
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Hello, the fridge is working very well even at 10 years ol. However, recently the water dispenser has two issues. First, there is a delay when dispensing water. Then, once done, it drips. The drip seems to be internal - water isn't dripping down into the catcher. So I am basing this off the fact I can hear it but not see it. I am fairly handy and am comfortable fixing this myself. Looking for some pointers though to save myself time and frustration. Lol.

My main question is if everything controlling the water dispenser is at the front (behind the unit) or is there a valve control at the back of the fridge that may not be working properly that needs to be replaced? Also, does anyone know the part number for a compatible valve if I need to replace it that I can order off of Amazon? The sears website wasn't great at being clear since this fridge is not made anymore.

I'm attaching pictures of the model number information and the front combo water / ice dispenser.

Thanks in advance.



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We don't recommend Amazon for appliance parts orders, they are mostly aftermarket parts that don't hold up as well as OEM parts do.

Here's the parts diagram for your model: Parts for Kenmore 106.51183113 (10651183113, 106 51183113): Cabinet Parts

#11 is your primary water inlet valve

You also have a dual(secondary)water inlet valve back there too.

Here's the single(primary) water inlet valve for your model:
WPW10238100 Valve

Here's the dual(secondary) water inlet valve for your model:
Water Inlet Valve WPW10341320

So your not getting full water pressure out from the dispenser at all when you press it? Just the delay and dripping?

Disconnect the single(primary) water inlet valve that feeds into the dual(secondary) water inlet valve and get something to catch water in and see if you have good pressure without the delay and dripping issue, if so you have a bad dual(secondary) water inlet valve.

Hi Jake,

Thanks for the reply and the link to the parts etc. To answer your question. I am getting full pressure. It is just the delay and dripping. I will do as you recommended to test the secondary valve. Probably won't get to that until the weekend. I will post my results here.

Thanks again.

Ok Dave, sounds good, let us know how it goes.


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