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FIXED Kenmore elite refrigerator 106.51773510 wont dispense ice

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Feb 27, 2021
Lake Luzerne, New York
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
Elite 106.51773510 auger motor has intermittent power and rarely dispenses ice. Makes ice fine, door opens fine. Replaced motor still same problem. Checked power at motor most times no power.dont see any switch in parts manual just the control board. Still trying to get the front apart to get to the board without breaking anything has proven difficult to say the least. Any thoughts? I am thinking control board as there is no switch.
Hi Keith, Broken/frayed wires comes to mind on this model, where the wire harness goes into the freezer door, that will cause no/low power problems to the auger motor.

(click to enlarge)
FREEZER DOOR - b4 (1).jpg

--->Lots of members have found frayed and broken wires causing the auger motor or ice maker to be dead. Remove your bottom kickplate grille, Remove the black wire harness loom too, broken wires can be underneath it.

Another member was having a similar problem here: FIXED: GSF26C4EXY02 Whirlpool Gold Ice Maker Problem Look at his post #6 he found frayed and broken wires underneath the freezer door.

Here's another one with the same thing about the frayed and broken wires: FIXED: 106.51173310 Kenmore elite ice maker not working - no led light

Here's another: FIXED: Whirlpool WSF26C2EXF01 Door Icemaker Not Working

Let us know what you find.

Thanks Jake! Spot on! Problem solved 3 broken wires, soldered in a longer piece of wire but a toughspot to work.I suspect this may happen again. The harness terminates down low, I wonder if you can buy the harness? Thanks again!



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Excellent, good job.(y)

I wonder if you can buy the harness?
No, unfortunately on this model you can't.

Thanks for the update!

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