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Kenmore Elite side by side bottom freezer began rattling


Mar 17, 2013
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hi, My Kenmore elite side by side, bottom freezer began rattling. The rattle stops when I open the freezer door, but does not stop when I open the upper refrigerator doors.

It began as a little interspersed click and clack, and has been progressively getting more percussive: continuous rattle with no break.

I took the water filter out to see if that would have an effect, but it did not. I would like to be able to fix this myself. Some folks have suggested (in other forums) that it could be the evaporator fan. If so, where is that?

Someone else said I could open the back and see if some copper tubing from the condenser is rattling around some plastic pan, but I havent' tried that yet. Thought I would to ask here to get some other suggestions before I pull the fridge out and try to fix it.

So far the only thing interesting is that the rattle stops when the freezer door opens, if that is a clue.
It's sometimes very difficult to diagnose noises and sounds online. You'll need to try and isolate the area where the noise is coming from. The evaporator fan motor is located behind the freezer section back wall. See if there's a door/light switch for the freezer section that opens and closes with the freezer door.
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