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Kenmore Front Load (Model 417.410.42000)


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Feb 10, 2005
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A year ago I moved my washer across the country, and had it in storage for a total of 10 months. Now that I'm in my permanant home, I re-installed the washer/dryer and they are both working fine. But an odor of mildew persists and is noticed whenever I open the door. Clothing doesn't smell after washing, so I'm wondering if there's a reservoir or something that might have caught some overflow. What else might contribute to this stench? I have the waste line emptying into a utility sink (i.e. not hard plumbed) and there is no odor eminating from the sink. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Thanks very much for the "stink link." I'll do some troubleshooting to see I if I can cure the problem.

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