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Kenmore Front Load Washer Won't Drain or Spin


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Mar 16, 2005
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I have a "Kenmore" model 417.29052991 front-load washer that will not drain or spin. It does fill and agitate.

Also, the catch mechanism for the front door makes a buzzing sound at different levels. If I start the cycle while holding the door tightly inward, it is very low. If the door shifts outward, the buzz get louder. Allhinge screws are tight. I thought that this may be tied to the "no spin" problem, but even if I hold the door tight, it still will not drain or spin.

I did see a write up on-line that mentioned pulling the water pump and checking for blockage. It said that the washer won't spin if there was still a significant amount of water in it. Anyone have any input that may help decide if I could tackle this one?

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Could be the striker shown, or the recipent catch, which is an electro-mechanical part that certainly could be making the noise and prevent operation.
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I ended up deciding to pull the pump, and I'm glad I did. I found a plastic guitar pick (my son's) wedged in the impeller, not allowing the pump to work. I also found $1.76 in misc change in the bottom of the rubber boot connected to the pump!

Re-assembled, wiped up the water, and everything worked fine. Even the excessive buzzing near the door catch was quiet.

Thanks for the great appliance repair forum!!!!!!


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