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Kenmore HE3 Blown thermal cut off


Jan 9, 2023
St. Louis Mo.
Model Number
Kenmore HE3
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore Elite HE3 that keeps blowing the thermal cut off after a few minutes. The heating coil has continuity, the thermal fuse is good, the the hi limit fuse is good and the thermistor is reading 13 ohms at room temp. For the moment I have connected the two wires together on the thermal cut off and everything is working fine. any ideas as to whats wrong? Thanks
Hi, we would need the model number of your dryer first, its located inside the door and it will start with 110.

The number 1 cause of a thermal fuse or thermal cut-off to blow out is a vent restriction either in the vent exhaust hose in the back of the dryer or outside where the vent duct vents outside.

Whenever I replace the thermal fuse or thermal cut-off I always pull the dryer out from the wall, then check that vent exhaust hose for lint clogs, and go outside the house and do the same where it vents outside.

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