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Kenmore [LG] Elite Trio 3 door 795.77563600 BEEPS


Feb 20, 2017
Southern California
Model Number
Kenmore [LG parts?] Elite Trio
3 door
Model 795.77563600
Purchased in 2007

The display panel lights up, followed by 3 beeps in succession, a couple of minutes in between; all the doors appear closed and sealing okay. No gunk or visible obstructions to allow leaks or escaping cold. The bottom right side of the panel feels warm to the touch. Never really noticed it before.

So on Day 1, I unplugged it for a few hours, like what the Sears repairman did some years back, while under the extended warranty. At the time, he did that to allow the freezer to defrost, plugged it in after some time, and it worked like usual without further problems.

However, this time it didn't work. Within 10 minutes of plugging it back in, the beeps resumed. So, I removed everything, save 3 glass bottles of unopened drinks and baking soda cartons. Cleaned, washed parts, and wiped all the crud out. Looked on a search engine for similar model with similar symptoms, and one suggestion was to replace the control board in the back.

Day 2, I found a nearby parts place that sold the replacement control board pcb to me at cost. Within 10 minutes of reinstalling the board and plugging in, the beeps resumed. This time, I opened all the doors, checking all the seals, especially the freezer drawer. This time the beeps stopped temporarily, and after some time, the beeps started up again. Unit is still currently plugged into the wall to let it run and cool using the replacement control board, and the beeping alarm is currently turned off because it's annoying.

All suggestions are welcome. Looking forward to your support and insight.



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