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Kenmore model 417.24182301 front load washer won't agitate or spin


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Jan 23, 2023
Kansas City, Missouri
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More than 10 years
Hi, this is an old washer and we would like to repair it as a new washer is not within budget right now. Here is what I've done so far to test it. I'm thinking its the motor control board, but would like someone to confirm.

Motor testing. 6-pin plug, ohm readings 3.0 between first 3 set of pins. Pins 5 and 6 read 177 ohms (this is a little out of range) The schematic calls for 184 +/- 7ohms. VAC between 5&6 read 120 volts when washer is running a wash cycle. I'm thinking its not the motor.

Motor control board testing voltage testing during wash cycle
Using pin 5 of the 6-pin plug, I tested the pins of the 10-pin plug. Pin readings are as follows
1- 120 Vac
2- 120 Vac
6- 0 Vac
9- 0 Vac
10- 120 Vac

Can someone confirm if this is likely the board at not the motor based on these readings?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Harry,

It sounds like the motor speed control board has gone bad. Unplug your washer and check for any burnt spots on it. Unfortunately, It's been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Here's the motor speed control board for your model:
134149220 Speed Controller Assembly

If no burnt spots are on it then you can verify it following these steps below.

Unplug the machine and disconnect the six pin plug from the motor control board. Measure the resistance between pins 1-2, 2-3, 1-3. If either shows open or shorted, replace the motor. Meter should show 2.6 Ohms.

Reconnect power and set the timer on heavy wash. Measure the voltage between pins 5 and 6 of the six pin plug. 120 Volts AC: Disconnect the ten pin plug from the motor control board and measure the voltage between pin 5 of the six pin plug and pins 1-2-6-9-and 10 of the ten pin plug. If pins 2-6- and 10 read 120 Volts AC and pins 1-and 9 read less than 50 Volts AC replace the motor speed control board. Any other readings, replace the timer.

Here's the timer for your model, if needed: 134812400 Timer
Hi Jake,

My pins 6 and 9 of the 10 ping plug read 0, so that is what’s leading me to believe it’s the control board like you confirmed. I ordered a used one off of eBay and hoping it solves our problem.
Yes, I agree with you.:)

Let us know how it goes.
It was the control board after all! This forum was very helpful. Found posts where folks had the same issue and the troubleshooting steps they took to solve the problem. I took the same steps and was able to solve my own problem! Special thanks to Jake also for confirming my suspicion.
Well I spoke too soon. After putting clothes in the washer it went back to doing the same thing. Won’t agitate or spin. I haven’t opened up the machine to test anything, but would could be causing this?
Recheck your voltages, and also look for any electrical connector pins to the control board and to the motor, that may be bent, burnt, or backing out.

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