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Kenmore Ref Model # 795.71323.411 not making Ice in Freezer Section


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Jun 21, 2011
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
Have a Kenmore Ref LG Built Model 795.71323.411 has 2 icemakers the one in the freezer is not making ice
i tried the test button and the icemaker does nothing so i order a new one and i put that one in and once in
i tried the test button on the new one and there is nothing does pcb board supply the power for this icemaker
no ice was in the old icemaker and is this a common issue for this unit any help would be appciated thanks

Here it is for your model:

Did you press and hold the TEST BUTTON on the ice maker? You have to hold it in while you press it for about 3 seconds.

I could not locate your data sheet to verify it the ice maker power comes from the main PCB.

All appliances come with tech data sheets, see if you can located yours either under the front of the machine, or underneath the top door hinge covers.

held test button for more than a minute on the orginal icemaker and on the new one both did not move or attempt to move
Ok, then its possibly a bad main control board(PCB), but I can't locate your tech. data sheet to confirm that, all appliances come with tech data sheets, look for yours either behind the bottom front kickplate grille or underneath the door hinge cover or in the very back of the refrigerator.

But check all the wires in the wire harness first for any loose connections or breaks in them.

Here's the main control board(PCB) for your model:

I have a somewhat similar model that has a separate control board for the door (located under a panel on top of the fridge). When my icemaker failed, it turned out that the bad component was actually the wiring harness.

Details at:

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