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FIXED Kenmore Refrigerator 106.51133213 Ice maker doesn't work


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Jan 30, 2022
Macomb Mi
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I have Kenmore Side By Side with In door Ice maker, Flex Tray type. I did noticed that the old one stopped working and cause it is 4th ice maker in 4 year (good quality :)) I just bought new one and did the replacement. After 24 hours on the new one still no ICE. I did some troubleshooting, online search, youtube, checked previous posting here about the same model.

I figure out that no water is coming in to the tray. (water is coming from the water dispenser)
- water filter replaced
- solenoid valve checked
- water line checked (I even change the connector from the solenoid valve for water dispenser to the valve for ice and when I press the button for water to come out, the ice tray will fill with water)

I assumed there is no request for water from the ice maker.

I also did the diagnostics found here on previous post, steps 44-47 (attached file)
on step 44 I got 2 & 3, bin not full, switch or motor bad (I checked continuity on the switch and it's good. For the motor... I did fill the tray manually and it did make ICE, when I did step 44, the motor started and drop the Ice in the bin)...

step 45...
I got 01, tray moving to Home (so motor works), then 02 water fill off, and when I hit the Change button, there is a beeping sound but it doesn't change to 03 to ask for water fill ON.

any help, advice, suggestion, anything, I would appreciate a lot.

4 Ice makers in 4 years, and bad Lights after two years ($145), couldn't be better :). I can assume that the new Ice maker is bad as well, because i read a lot of comments how people will buy new bad Ice Maker from this model.



  • Training Pointer W10869036 - Sankyo Twist Tray Ice Maker.pdf
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  • 106.51133213 Service and Wiring Sheet - W10790790 - Rev A.pdf
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Here's your ice maker tech data sheet that has troubleshooting in it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cM55ONghMG_V99Hdd-ysfueTDjV9Uvsq

On page 6 Troubleshooting Paths---you will want to do Path 2: If the ice tray is empty, or ice cubes are extremely small proceed to Path 2.

Page 14--->Check for Frozen IM Water Inlet Tube
If the IM has not cycled in several hours due to a full ice bin, or the IM being turned off, the IM inlet water line may freeze.
1) Run Service Diagnostic Step 19.
2) If the fill tube heater turns on, leave the fill tube heater on until the IM water inlet tube is thawed.
3) If the fill tube heater will not turn on, troubleshoot the fill tube heater.

Here's the ice maker for your model:
W10873791 Ice Maker

Let us know what you find.

thanks for reply Jake

I was thinking the same. that the inlet tube is frozen, but as I mention in the first post, I did switch the power connectors on the solenoid valve (I connect the water dispenser power connector on the IM solenoid valve) and when I push the button for water to come out on the water dispenser I did had water coming in the IM tray, so that tells me that solenoid valve works and also the inlet tube is good.

after 3 days of messing with this thing I found the issue. Broken wire under freezer door. Even that was the first thing that I checked I missed that thing. the rubber tubing that the wires are in wasn't broken and I figured that the wires are good. but after trying everything I decided to cut the tubing and checked every single wire. I found after wiggling every wire that one was broken even it looked good on the outside. after wiggling every single wire one by one, I had one that split into two :p
I did repair the wire, add extra insulation, foam tape, and now I have my first 10 cubes of ICE.

thanks for having this blog, it did help me a lot.

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Bingo! Excellent, good find.(y)

Yes, this broken wire issue usually only happens on side by side models.

Here's one of our main threads on it:

Thanks for the update!


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